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The state of SVG

I just wanted to do a line chart in SVG for a hit counter display over a month.

The first thing that leapt to mind was Raphaël and on the homepage is exactly a line chart with a hit counter for a month.

"Sh-wh-eeeeeet!" I thought to myself "...I'll just pinch the cod...e... eeeeww"

Yes all the code for all the demos are, lets say just say "butt-ugly" and completely un-reusable [un].

Cleaning CSV data with AWK

AWK is a brilliant little program for processing delimited (any kind of delimiter you like really) data very quickly and easily. Its great for cleaning data before passing trying to push it into a database.

I have a large data file from a client in CSV format that needs cleaning up before trying to import into Ubercart.

OpenCV Python bindings with MacPorts

Compiling OpenCV 2.0 with Python 2.6 (installed via MacPorts) bindings is not straight forward. The main problem, as Gregory Dudek noted, is that using a version of Python installed via MacPorts isn't automatically linked to by the OS X (Darwin) C complier. The matter becomes more complicated if you have 3 different version of Python on the same system.

Using Images in From Labels fix for IE

I hit a problem in IE7/8 in which I was using an image as a Label in a Form rather than text. IE7/8 doesn't seem to perform the onchange event for the form input (in my case radio buttons). So I did some googling and found this little snippet form 2005:

Understanding Ubercart's Attributes

This is a technical description of the way Ubercart 1 & 2 Attributes/Options are implemented and is intended as a reference for the PHP developer working with Ubercart attributes. Lord have mercy on your soul.

Übercart (UC hence forth) started with what would seem the obvious assumption that:

Pure CSS Efx Roundup or Web Frills

So I have decided to add the finishing touches to some of my site designs with some new CSS tricks that are being adopted by some unlikely browsers. For the philosophy being that browsers that don't support it just don't get it, since these are just "frills". Here is what I'm interested in:

  • Rounded corners
  • Drop shadows
  • Opacity
  • Transparency

Heres how we went:

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